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a pixie pose

OK, first off, I must show an adorable pic I took of my Pixie I took a few days ago. I’ve pulled up a chair next to me at the computer and she’s been sitting there while I surf the net. She is so sweet. I think she really enjoys her special spot I made for her.

I got a bike today. It has been so long since I rode one. Probably the last time was back in middle school when I would ride around Iron Mountain (a subdivision in my county) with my friend Sarah Storm. I always liked the idea of a bike, but I hadn’t ever seriously considered it until the past couple weeks or so. Well, I kinda have a new dude in my life and he really likes to bike, so there ya go…but it is a positive thing anyway. I really need to find an exercise outlet for myself. As of the past month, I’ve discovered not only biking, but also frisbee golf and rediscovered swimming. I can’t say that I am hardcore with any of them, but being active and out and about in nature is a good thing for me and I need to be more active!

So, in addition to that, I had a great day today. Went to the Olive Garden (love me some unlimited salad + breadsticks), got some fresh, new smells at Bath and Body Works including some minty shampoo and conditioner…yum, and watched a couple episodes of Dexter over some yummy turkey burgers I cooked on the George Foreman grill.

I do feel like today was a nice change of pace. I’ve been in a rut of sorts. I don’t know what it is exactly, seems like a lot of people I know have been in the same boat. It’s just like I want to get away and do something really exciting new or see something exciting and new. I have been at the same pace for a while now and you know when you feel like nothing new or exciting is going on? You just really want something to look forward to??? I know good things are around the corner, but I think I may have to go out of my reg. routine and make something happen for myself. This may mean an unexpected, spontaneous trip or a planned trip I usually deny from myself. Never been one for too much of adventure, but I think it may be just what I might need.

On a creative front, I think I’ve decided that I don’t really want to do any more “shows”. I work so hard setting up, getting product ready, etc. and it is always just so darn disappointing. I never get back much from them. I can’t even say that the contacts I make really pan out into anything. Not that contacts aren’t good, they are great, but I don’t want to make stuff to sell really anymore. I mean, I may try to see if I can sell some stuff outright or even consign, but I just don’t find enjoyment in making stuff and not selling it. I have a lot of inventory…rings, necklaces, that I have just sitting in limbo. It really sucks. I think I’d rather focus my energies on designing for submission and the like. I had a good thing going with one mag (Creative Techniques). I was signed on to write a regular trend column, and had a few articles or projects in each issue, but it got canned. I am now trying to get into some other mags. Having to take a different approach, but hopefully once I establish a repoire, I will be able to get some regular submissions and what not. I actually am going to appear in a fall issue of “Jewelry Creations”, so that is positive…I’m just going to have to keep churning away and while doing so, working on relationships, branding, and trying to be a better blogger and online craftsperson. We’ll see what happens.

Oh, sleep is calling. The bike today kicked my butt literally. I’m so sore!!!

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