Ornament Thursday – Insectia

butterfly necklace

So, here’s my June post for Ornament Thursday. Wanted to make something this month that was in the spirit of both the theme and summer. Whipped up this necklace using some fun, new seed beads and some other beads I had in my stash. The blue ones are glass, as are the triangular metal ones. The orange ones were taken from a necklace I bought and took apart at Gordman’s. They are those chunky, iridescent plastic beads that look like the faceted glass ones. I think they are sparkly and fun! I’m always keeping my eyes out for clearance strands I can take apart and repurpose for something totally new.

I purchased the pendant blank online, measured it and created a Photoshop document the size of the blank. I took a picture of a butterfly, cut it out from it’s background and flipped it and modified it, so that the wings were the same symmetrical span. The butterfly pic I had was imperfect and didn’t go with the symmetrical overall design of my necklace. I tend to either be a member of the “stick to symmetry” club or “go assymetrical and abstract” club. There’s really no grey area in between for me. I placed it on a bright yellow background with a inner orange shadow. I actually think that it reminds me of the poster for the 40 Year Old Virgin, as shown here, but I didn’t realize it till after it was printed out. BTW, isn’t Steve Carell the cutest?


I finished it off by spreading a generous coating of Multi-Purpose Sealer onto the blank, placed the cut out image inside, and coated the top for a nice shiny luster.

I promise I will do better about posting. I’ve had a pretty busy month and need to get back on track. I’ll post the final links tomorrow of the other Ornament Thursday participants!


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    Oooo! Love the Blue Morpho Butterfly! The color in them is spectacular and the yellow is a favorite color of mine. All in all a lovely piece of work!


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