45 years and going strong

Hartford High School Class of '63

I went last night to my parent’s high school reunion. I actually was there to take photographs. My dad worked out a deal, where I would sell picture cd’s and thus make a little side cash on the deal, which I am greatful for him thinking of me. It wasn’t hard to do at all, and I think I actually got some pretty good photos. My parent’s seemed pleased by them (they actually both graduated the same year, seperated ways, and remarried many years later).

Class of 1963

The table placemats were actually a very crafty idea. The committee chairman had them scanned and laminated (it was from the inside of their yearbook). I just love the little story that this picture tells. It kinda reminds me of the movie Grease and all the kids hanging out before school. I don’t think people do this sort of thing anymore. If they do, I don’t see it very often…actually I’ve seen the kids arranged in numbers and whatnot to represent their year in yearbooks, but I appreciate this version much more.

Their class is the most spirited bunch I’ve ever met. Pretty much everyone except a handful turned out. They played trivia, had a lot of fun inside jokes, and had teachers there that taught them back in the day.

I really wish my class had spirit and a sense of nostalgia like that. Our 10th reunion didn’t even get off the ground due to bad coordination. I think that’s sad. I hope that we will be able to meet up at some point. I have often thought that I should step up and contact some others to make this happen. We’ll see.

Well, off to a bath and onto bed. I drove quite a ways today, and I’m just plum tard (as they say around these parts).

Until tomorrow, Swellions.


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