A Bachelorette Weekend

I prepared for, went to, and am now recouping from a Bachelorette party I went to this weekend. All I can say is WHOO!

I actually took my camera, but left the charger at home, so I don’t have any cool pics to show, but I took plenty on the other girls cameras, just haven’t seen them yet. But in a way it is good that I didn’t have that camera, sometimes I get so caught up taking pictures that I don’t enjoy the moment.

We went bead shopping (I’m making the bridesmaids necklaces), took a pre-festivity nap in our hotel suite at the Galt House, ate at the Spaghetti factory, and enjoyed some funny bachelorette games in the hotel room. Of course, hijinks ensued and everyone had a great time. At some point, I had to be the mootherly voice (who would have thought??), but it all turned out for the best (Except we did get a knock on the door from hotel security). Whoops!

I actually did a couple of random “craft” projects on the fly for this event and when I get the pics back, will post one of the ideas that I think was somewhat clever on my part. I think it will be something a lot of other people might want to do for their soon-to-be wedded friend, so stay tuned for that one!!

I don’t know if I am just getting older or tired of the whole club/bar scene, not that I was ever it’s biggest fan, but I tried, but wasn’t totally feeling it. The girls I went with are a hoot, but they were much more into being silly than I was. It didn’t help that my shoes were killing me. I knew they would, but I guess that is the price you pay for making your legs look good. Ha! While my friends were dancing up on the bar (it was a bachelorette party after all), I mainly observed people. I’m not too bored by it at all…I actually find it amusing just to people watch. In those clubs, you see people in their highs and lows. The way people put themselves out there just amazes me and seeing some of the things they do and wear is fascinating! You would think that a 300 pound woman would not want to pour herself into a dress 3 sizes too small for her, but she does and wears it proudly! And it amazes me how raunchy some people can be in public. There are really now limits to what people will do when intoxicated. I don’t know, it’s never been much of an appeal to me to get wasted, do stupid things and not remember them later, and then wake up the next day feeling like you are going to die. I think it is your choice to decidehttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif what you want out of life, but that’s not something I feel is something I need to do. I’m so much happier dancing and being silly with my friends while drinking a diet coke.

Well, I just took a 3+ hour nap and I need to go back to bed to get rested for the work week tomorrow. I think I’m seriously going to see if I can take off Thursday of this week too, cause I need a break. Maybe a nice 4 day weekend would be good for me, at least I’m hoping…

Oh, and I posted my patriotic poster drink charms at Instructables and it was the featured project on their home page on Saturday. I think it got 500 hits or so on it. Whoo hoo! I was excited, so check it out over there. Their project format is really great and there are all kinds of really cool things to learn on there!

Until next time swellions!


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