A friend through all these years

drawing detail

So today, I’m off to go to a very special friend’s wedding….my friend from Murray State, Melissa. That’s a self-portrait that she drew many years ago in college that I kept. Melissa and I have known each other for 10+ years. On my first day of college at this Freshman Orientation, she was in my group and I remember sensing and instant connection. She was shy and sweet and very artsy. Artsy in a way that wasn’t intimidating. She was one of the people way back when that inspired me in my drawing and art classes. I remember really struggling as a freshman in Dale Ley’s drawing class and not understanding line quality. She sat down with me and explained it to me. After that I really took to it, and it opened up my eyes to drawing. I will never forget that.

We lived in the same dorm, Clark College. See at my college, that had “residential colleges”. It was supposed to be more than a dorm, but something you could get involved in. I still call it a dorm, though. It was kind of a silly idea that I think they still do. Anyway, I lived in Clark 415 and Melissa lived right down the hall with another friend Kristin. I remember spending time playing cards, discussing life, sharing art ideas and inspiration, and being silly. It was a very good time in my life where I learned a lot about myself and made long-lasting friendships. It is something I look back on very fondly.

I always knew Melissa had a huge drive. You could just tell it. I think that is why we connected so much. She wanted more out of life and wasn’t afraid to go after it. I was so inspired by her when she went after an internship at Sotheby’s one summer and the stories that prevailed. One in particular stands out in my mind…she told me that she ate her $1 slice of pizza in a room next to a Frida Kahlo painting that was being auctioned off. That just blew me away.

And now, even though we don’t talk as much, I love hearing about her going after a career in gallery directing and I’m sure she loves hearing about me making my way in crafts. It’s so nice to have that support from someone who has known me all these years.

And today, she’s marrying her very cute German fiance, and I couldn’t be happier for her. They make such a beautiful pair and I’m so glad she’s found someone who loves her gentle spirit and passion for life. I wish her the best of all things to come, cause she truly deserves them!!

Well, off to pack, get my dress ready, toenails done, and heels picked out. I’m going to a very special friend’s wedding!!!

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