Just another manic Monday

lantern love

Took this photo on Sat. at an outdoor dance that we went to that my sis wanted to go to. She’s a dancer, ballroom dancer, and is very good at it. I’m glad finds so much enjoyment in it. Anyway, these lanterns were all around the pavilion and I’m a sucker for colored lanterns, so there you go!

Whoo. It’s way too late to be thinking of a post at this hour. I’ve been beading for an hour or so, making earrings I plan on submitting. You can get caught up in that so easily! I think I had some successes, so cross your fingers for me that they are well received.

I am helping plan a bachelorette party for this weekend. I think of myself as a somewhat good party planner, but geez, planning a get away out of town can be pricey. There’s so many things you have to buy and pay for when it comes to wedding stuff. Not that I’m complaining, cause Dana, my friend, is well worth it…I think it’s just hard on everyone right now with the economy and all.

This is a quickie post today, cause I need to hop into bed, but I wanted to share some of my crazy google links that are just deliciously good. I really enjoy the creativity I’m seeing in product design, crafts, and design. It amazes me the ideas that come out of some peoples head! I hope you will take a look at what I found so gosh darn interesting!!

Until tomorrow, Swellions, when I will post a much bigger and better blog, I promise!


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