Memory Monday: A serious fashion faux pas


Some things make no sense. This outfit is one of them. I would say this was taken in the summer of ’95…geez, thirteen years ago, when sunflowers were the big trend (does anyone else remember this?). I mean, they were everywhere from Home Interiors prints to dish towels, to obviously fabrics and hats like this. I had bought this straw sunflower hat and didn’t have anything to wear it with, so when I saw this material, I had to get my mom to make me a jumper out of it! Please, oh, please, I hope that the material wasn’t a Daisy Kingdom design (does anyone remember those matching mom/daughter dresses for Easter that they sold patterns for?) Anyway, my friend Samantha, my foreign exchange student friend (or the Brazilian nut as I called her) took this photo insisting that I looked “cute”. Now looking back, it is one of the most attrocious outfits I think I have ever graced. Not to say my mom didn’t do a good job – she did, but the whole ensemble is just too much “Attack of the Sunflowers from Outer Space”.

Another funny thing about this photo is my nice skin tone…notice the white neck and arms and burnt red legs! Nope, these aren’t tights, that is really my legs. Add to it my bushy, catepillar eyebrows and gold jewelry and you’ve got a complete look.

This was taken in my room…notice the paneling and drawing on the wall. I had no clue of real art, so I drew things like movie posters and golf courses. I just drew what I knew and what I liked. Do you recognize the scene in the drawing? It’s from the box cover art of Sleepless in Seattle. I guess I was a hopeless romantic back then (not so much now, but it still lingers a bit). I also notice a cat frame I painted back there as well…see, I was crafty even back in the day! I still have that same furniture (have had it for 20 years of my life). It’s not my favorite and it is dated, but it serves it’s purpose.

This is first of many Memory Monday’s I plan on sharing with you. Come back each Monday for other extremely random swell time in my life.

Until next time, Swellions…


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    This post makes me smile. I was in France in 1995, so I guess I missed the whole sunflower phase…but I have one tattoo that I got in 1999, and it’s a sunflower.

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    I did a doubletake on the legs…looks like tights to me! 🙂

    It was a cute ensemble! We all have those fashion moments stored away (subconsciously hoping they’ll be back in style as if to vindicate our fashion sense?)

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    Aw thanks Ali. Do you remember Sunflower perfume? Now that was a scary scent!

    Lisa: Yes, those are my legs indeed! I still tan like this! I hate it!

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