My great big fat weekend with special guest star Abraham Lincoln!

four score...

You guys have been dying to see a pic of my boyfriend, well, here he is! I am dating Abraham Lincoln. He came back from the dead, just so he could have a swell time with me…What ex-president could ask for more? Ha ha. No, this isn’t a picture of my boyfriend (you can find a pic of us here, for all you inquiring minds), rather a random impersonator that I met at the “Taste of Music City” this past weekend in Nashville. This is where my sis wanted to go for her b-day. They had one of the main bridges downtown blocked off and you perused up and down at the various restaurants and wine vendors with booths. I didn’t partake in the wine…you guys know I’m not much of a drinker, but I did partake in the food. There were a lot of traditional fares, but also a lot of things like crawfish and chutney, that I ventured out and tried. For the most part, everything was really yummy. My favorite place on the walk was Tully’s Bistro. Here’s a pic of my 3 sisters by the Nashville skyline. Aren’t they all so beautiful?

big sisters

Afterwards, we had a surprise party for my sis, who is turning 40, at Centinnial Park (where the replica Parthenon is in Nashville). She was really surprised! We invited all of her dance and work friends and had a cake for her as well. I think she was really tickled!


Also got to hang with my favorite little peeps today, Brock, Taylor, and Grant. They are growing up way too fast! I don’t get to see them nearly enough.

my cuties

Well, hope to share more tomorrow and get back on my blog schedule. I have a lot of fun photos and things to talk about.

Until we meet again, Swellions.



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    I cannot believe your sister is 40! She looks incredible. And you are such a fabulous photographer honey. Your talent grows with each image you capture.

    I just re-read that and it sounded pretty obvious and silly, but I’m not removing it ’cause I mean it!

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