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If you don’t know me well, let me just tell you that while I may be really good at whipping out the crafts, I’m not that great at cleaning them up or much of anything else. I would like to say that I’ve got it all together, but I do not. Not to say that I never clean (most of my mess is just unorganization, not filth), but one of my all time least favorite jobs is emptying the litter box. I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s not the most pleasurable of things to do for anyone, but I just found something that is the HOLY GRAIL of kitter litter cleaning, the Sifting Cat Pan Liner!

See, it works like this…you open up the box and inside are 11 large flat sheets of heavy duty plastic. All but one of them have little holes in the center of them for the litter to fall through. There is one sheet that is without holes and protects the cat pan from the crappy remains of the litter. Well, you put them in your litter box and then wrap a large rubber band around the entire thing. The cat does his/her business and you simply take the rubber band off and pull up the first sheet into a bag. It automatically sifts through, leaving very, very little clumpage and no mess. I just transferred that bag to a trash bag and I was done. Afterwards, my cat, Pixie, even stuck her little nose in there to see the results. She even meowed in amazement and gave it two paws up!

So, just a word to the wise, these things are the bomb. You can get them at Wal-mart, but not sure about other places. On a side note, I really have to be careful who I mention Wal-mart to people…people get kinda angry when I mention I go there. But anyway, yeah, check them out. You WON’T be disappointed!


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    I just have to say that you may be my new hero. Usually my approach to the cat box is to have sweet hubby do it, or avoid the necessity altogether by sending the cats outside every day. Thanks for the new tip. Will definitely forward this on to dear husband! HAH!!! (Love your blog, btw)

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