Wednesday is Lensday!

Went over to my friend This a link to Retta’s house tonight. She graciously had me and my other friend, Chris, over for a night of crafting. We made stencils out of contact paper. Retta and I made a bag, while Chris made a shirt. We had some success and some misses (bleach has a mind of it’s own, if you didn’t already know).

Anyway, 15 minutes away from Thursday, so I better get this Wednesday Lensday thing on a roll!!! Maybe I should think about posting my Wednesday post on Tuesday? Then again, it gives me one less day of the week to post photos.

paint swirl
While doing our stencil project, we also had fabric paint on hand. Retta put it on her beautiful black and white swirl dishes, and well, I couldn’t resist.

electric sky
Retta lives right near the electric company, so she has voltage galore going on just behind the fence. Combined with the moody sky, it made for a nice photo.

the five spot
You gotta “hand” it to Retta, she has some pretty swell stuff, like this old, vintage Brownie camera that you shoot into and create these cool old-time looking vignette photos. She actually had this crazy contraption going on using a Pringles can. You actually look shoot your camera down through the pringles can into the Brownie viewfinder. The viewfinder is a little weird and hard to aim, so I didn’t have much success, but I thought this photo was the best of the bunch. And must give my props to Retta, she totally worked it! Ha ha.

Getting ready for a big weekend trip to Nashville (my sis is turning 40). We are going to a Taste of Nashville dinner and then dancing afterward (my sis really can dance!). It should be fun, but I have photos to color correct (those reunion ones that I took on Sat) and then I have to burn it to a CD. I also have to pack and do some other last minute stuff. Also have to send some photos off to Snapfish to be developed to be displayed in a local coffeeshop. My friends I just mentioned and I are going to be featured. No big show or anything, but it’s good exposure, nonetheless.

Until next time, keep reaching for the top, Swellions!


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    So cool! I just bought a Brownie Starflex about a month ago to do the same thing—it’s waiting for me in America. Photojojo has a cool post about them. 🙂 Coming to CHA in July?

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