Wednesday is Lensday!

Wanted to feature a few of my best photos this week. Gotta post my Ornament Thursday Post right after this, so this Lensday will be short and sweet 🙂

Festival in the Sky
festival in the sky
My friend Chris calls this fairytale-ish. I would kinda have to agree. I took this at the Taste of Music City festival in Nashville this past weekend. I ate way too much food by the way and we kept wondering if it was going to downpour on us. Thankfully, it didn’t.

I’m not a real big 3 Stooges fan, but at my boyfriend’s apartment, his roomate has these sitting in the window. He prob. wouldn’t like it that I went into his room to take this, but I don’t really care. He’s never there and he’ll never know.

Smooth Criminal or Indiana Jones?
indiana holland
My nephew Grant is so photogenic. I really think he could model for Ralph Lauren kids. I know everyone says this about their kid or relative, but I really do believe it. He’s 7 and not going through any gawky stage whatsoever. I took a couple others of him wearing this hat and he just posed so naturally…he didn’t even have to try. Here’s another example (a scrapbook page I did of him a few months back), I promise, I’m not making this stuff up!

I’m posting a new one in just a few, so hold tight Swellions!


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