What the BLOG?

So I know I haven’t blogged much lately. I really, truly struggle with this whole blog thing. I want to make it known that I have every good intention of blogging, but when it comes down to it, like many other folks out there who’ve complained about having a blog…I just don’t know what to say!!! For me, a really good blogworthy story only happens every once in a while and then other times, just to talk about my daily life involves a close to 2 hour commute, work for 8+ hours, feeding my cat, tv time, and then eating at some point. If you know me, I’m pretty much an open book. I’m open and honest and can talk and chit chat just about anything, but I don’t like the whole idea of exposing raw, open emotions on the internet and I think that is within good reason. If I could just talk my blogs, that would be so fabulous (maybe I’ll look into Office Dictate for Mac), but the act of writing it very stressful. I can’t just let the keys flow. I’m afraid I’m not the most word-gifted people on the planet. I pretty much write it like I say it.

So, not trying to make this sound like a negative babble about myself, but I do feel like sometimes I do hit it on the head and write an interesting blog every now and then. And that blog can be about myself, a product I like, craft industry news, pop culture stuff, the crafts I make, the photos I take, etc. So, for those loyal (and I’m talking loyal) readers of my blog, will you just help me prioritize my focus of this thing? I wish I could narrow it down myself, but at any given moment my head is ready to blog anything and everything!!! I’ve been thinking of doing a format like “Friday Faves” where I list and reference some of my fave new products in crafts and decor. Then I was thinking of doing a “Photo Wednesday” where I post some photos that I took that I want to share. HEre’s some other topics I have been playing around with or have done in the past. Are any of these more interesting to you, my blog reader? Please comment or email me at swelldesigner@yahoo.com on your thoughts and list your top 5 categories I’ve done or what would interest you. I’d appreciate any feedback, while I figure a way to reprioritize this thing I call the Swell Life. I may stray from the path every now and then or post additional blogs if the fancy strikes me, but I’d like to just figure out a format that works best and suits me.

1) Self Portrait Tuesday
2) Crafting projects I do
3) Stories from the past/Childhood memories
4) Trends I see
5) Products that inspire me
6) web sites that inspire me
7) Photos I take
8) Day to day activities
9) Celebrity talk/gossip/views
10) Projects that inspire me
11) Flickr faves
12) Craft industry stuff
13) More personal shared stories (not that personal, people)

I’d appreciate the feedback. As Brit Brit would say, “Thanks, Y’all”.

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