Internet Jewels – where are they?

While I feel I’m pretty knowledgable about finding a lot of things on the net, sometimes there are certain areas/topics I just can’t seem to put my finger on (or in this case, mouse). I’ve submitted and gotten into 2 bead publications as of late and I’m going to try for some more. The thing is; however, that a lot of the things that stands out in these mags are original beads and findings. Does anyone out there know of some really cool sites for finding unique bead components? I’ve checked a few of the major ones and have found a few things I’ve liked, but I’d like to find a source that has some really original beads where I can place an order and get my money’s worth. I’d rather not have to make several different web purchases if I can help it. Shipping can get just so expensive!

Also, on that same note, does anyone have some unique trend/fashion/jewelry sites they frequent? I’d love to expand my horizons and get some inspiration. In no way would I ever rip off ideas, but I just love finding new inspiration. I’m listing below some of my favorites. I always love finding new sites to explore!

Here’s some of the main sites I check out regularly for product, information, and ideas:

HHH enterprises
Art Chix Studio
Fred Flare
Urban Outfitters
Sundance Catalog

Just thought I would share. A lot of you prob. already know of these sites, but if there is one or two you don’t, you should check out the jewelry and fashion ideas on these.

Well, going to bed shortly. It’s been a really long week, Swellions!



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