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Today was good overall, had a couple of rough patches, but everything worked out in the end. Jeremy was waiting for me when I got home, and then we went to Panera where I got my favorite black bean soup and then onto Goody’s. The Goody’s near me is going out of business. I thought I would snag a good deal, but ended walking out paying $15 for a shirt I liked, but didn’t love. I mean, I’ll wear it and all, but I contemplated putting it back. A “Store Closing” sale sure should be better than 40% off, don’t you agree? Also, Ashley Judd has a line of clothing there that is ok (that’s actually the brand of shirt I ended up buying). Does anyone remember the time when she was the “It” girl in Hollywood and on her way to winning all kinds of awards? Maybe that was some kind of pressure Hollywood was putting on her and not what she was going after in life, who knows? It just seems every celebrity has a label of some sort, oh, and a fragrance, too. Remember the days when Liz Taylor was the only one with a celebrity fragrance and people thought having a celebrity clothing line seemed a sign of desperation? When did that change? I guess when people figured they could make money off of a person as a brand, I guess.

OK, just rambling on. I also went tonight to the local Goodwill. Jeremy wanted a lamp and found a cute one that can be spiffied up and repainted (the shade was a basic craft paper practically begging to be painted). I noticed, while in that section, a pink shell lamp, that was just like one that I had owned as a child. It is nice when you remember something you forgot that was a fond memory. I also saw all kinds of vintage ornaments that I craved, but figured I didn’t need…Oh, and I played the wedding march on a wurlitzer piano that was for sale. I’m sure people found me pretty bizarre, but ya know I don’t care. I did buy a few random things:

goodwill trip

A tae bo tape, a yellow purse with buttons, and a silver star for my co-worker’s vintage tinsel tree she just got. Why a tae bo tape? Well, I do need to exercise and this one at one time was really kicking my ars (remember that Amy?). I just need to get on it! Let Billy Blanks whip me into shape! The yellow purse, of course jumped out at me with all those crazy buttons!! And a lot of them don’t make any sense to me at all. The one that stood out to me was the Wonder years one. The wonder years came up in 3 points of my conversation tonight with Jeremy…very random indeed.

I also completed a little project for a co-worker tonight for his daughter’s birthday (she’s turning 6). I thought this turned out swell and sweet. Just wanted something simple and girly – something a little girl would feel special wearing when she “dressed up”.

pink girly set

See ya tomorrow, swellions! Until then, party like it’s 1999!


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    Your blog is so much fun! It is so refreshing to just find a light and fun blog! I have you in my Google Reader. I wish I could do crafts — I don’t know where to begin. I imagine it is mostly self-taught?? I have a very crafty neighbor who I keep trying to persuade to hold little classes in her home. No luck yet. See ya.

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    aw, that is so sweet of you! I sometimes think noone really reads it, but this makes me want to keep it up! yes, crafting is something that I’ve learned over the years…you just build upon skills until you become knowledgable on all kinds of things. I honestly don’t know that many techniques…I need to learn so much more. I suggest taking a course at a local college or like you said, pal around with someone and have a craft night. Good luck and glad you are a reader 🙂


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