joy is moi

Typing this tonight sans glasses. Got an eye exam today and they took them away from me, gave me contacts (they are soaking now), and told me they would be ready for pickup on Monday. I can deal with wearing contacts, but an all day wear wears on my nerves…dry eyes. I guess I could easily solve this problem by getting eye drops, but I can’t handle the general annoyance and irritation. I used to actually…wore hard contacts for 5 or so years of my life non-stop…when I first got contacts my freshman year of high school, I somehow magically thought they would help me get a boyfriend. My plan didn’t work and I continued wearing the contacts way into college in the hopes that my prince would come. Didn’t.happen.

I totally love the glasses I have now and think they represent me and my style. I just hate having to part with them, even for 2 days.

Well, the bed calls. I have hopefully some craftiness ahead of me tomorrow in the form of some necklaces, a lanyard, earrings, etc. I also have some ideas for an etsy shop up my sleeve that would be very easy…I need the simplest thing I can sell online and I’ve decided to sell digital prints, so keep your eyes peeled.

Until tomorrow, Swellions!


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