Might as well face it, I’m addicted to the web…

Why does it sometime seem there is too big of a lapse between mini breakthroughs/good things/nice surprises?

Maybe I’m going about it all wrong, but sometimes just getting a random e-mail or an encouraging shout out can do wonders. I really think I didn’t have so much of this problem until I became so wrapped up in the internet, ya know? For net geeks like me, it feels like there is always something I am trying to go after and get feedback for. When I don’t get it, I’m not devastatingly sad or anything, I’m just a little bummed. It’s kinda sad actually how much I let these little internet things affect my mood or self worth.

Sometimes the only way I think I can get is to give, by e-mailing, leaving comments, going after things and pursuing stuff. That is all good, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a point where maybe I should just lay low and not get so wrapped up in the my crazy internet e-mail checking, web tracking and photo and blog comments and approvals.

I really do think I’m one of those people that has an online addiction. I don’t know when it started, prob. really hardcore the past couple of years with my myspace and flickr accounts. Now my google reader, as great as it is, makes me spend much more time on here than I need to.

Anyone out there feeling the same pains? What are you thoughts?

Until tomorrow, Swellions (you know I’ll be on here).



  1. says

    I only check 3 sites and i feel like I need to be weaned off the internet.

    Perhaps if we spent less time online we wouldn’t feel so dependent on feedback. Maybe we feel like we need equal amounts of input and output?

    Oh, and speaking of feedback – I just remembered that you text me. No, I haven’t been to Common Grounds yet. No clue if our stuff is up.

  2. says

    It has gotten drastically worse for me in the past year. Now that I not only blog but also run an Etsy shop, I am attached to the net day in and day out.

    My new (old) iPhone is getting me organized, which helps me plan time on the internet, instead of wasting time.

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