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tupperware pitcher

I decided to make some sweet tea tonight and I pulled out my tried and true orange/red Tupperware pitcher. Somewhere through the years, this pitcher was passed down to me, probably switched out for a nicer, newer version. This pitcher is probably as old as me and has always been used for sweet tea and kool-aid. I vaguely recall a couple of tupperware parties as a child and I still love opening up my grandmother’s cabinet to reveal tupperware lids in graduated sizes hanging from a special tupperware lid holder (they matched her colorful assortment of nested plastic Tupperware). Nothing really much beats this. The only thing I can possibly think that would come close would be this. I can’t ever see myself giving this pitcher away.


I started to look in my kitchen for other items I remember from childhood that were passed down. Most of those items are long gone, but I do have a few. One of my favorite kitchen sets is my silverware. My mom gave me her old set and told me that she was given it as a wedding present in the late 60’s. I love how classic and modern it still looks and I still get compliments and questions on where I got it. I also have a lot of it. She must have gotten like 20 sets, so I guess I will never run out!

floral pan

This was a piece of a pot and pan set from the 80’s that I still have 3 pieces of. I can’t really say that I love it or find it pretty. It’s more campy to me now, but it is something I remember making hot dogs and chili in a log (I can thank my dad for making me that one and yes it was that bad!) back in the day.

blue glassware

These blue sundae glasses belonged to my biological mom who passed away when I was little. Several people have told me how much she loved them and I’m glad that it is something I still have. I have yet to use them for anything, though, and I feel like I really should at some point. They would be so sweet to use for a summer sundae bar. And if I had one of those, you better believe I would bring out the works…whip cream, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, all kinds of sauces. Just like the way I used to love to make them at Ponderosa! If that is the case, then I better add in gummy bears for good measure.

The only other kitchen dinnerware that I wish I had a few pieces of (I’m pretty sure my mom would give me some if I asked) were these Corelle avocado green lined floral plates…

I grew up with these plates

Actually, I ripped this image from Apartment Therapy and they had a great post on them that you should check out! Check it out here. I’m pretty confident if you are a 70’s or 80’s child like me you dined on these at one point or another.

Until next time Swellions. Have a happy, happy hump day!

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