Some swell links + celebrations happenin’ up in here!

Went to Louisville after work and to have dinner at Tumbleweed on the River. It’s a very neat atmosphere there and a really nice restaurant (the location, not the fact that it’s a Tumbleweed, though it was pretty good overall). Went for my friend Molly’s 29th b-day. She got lots of cool stuff and was genuinely happy we were all there to celebrate.

Very interesting finds await you here…craft, décor, trends, life stuff, and more. All the goodies I just love or find fascinating!

For all my designer friends, check out this post on Vickie Howell’s latest book endeavor. Sounds like a good way to get noticed.

Also, the wonderfully fun Mrs. Margot Potter whipped up another crafty video over at the Impatient Blogger. Check it out! She’s has the best ideas!

Well, off to bed. I have to get up tomorrow to go to bridal luncheon at Irish Acres. It’s a really neat place with “magazine” food as many of my co-workers call it. I plan on taking my camera, so check back tomorrow for all the juicy or not so juicy details.

Off to bed Swellions! I would say goodnight to you, but I bet you are already in bed. I’m the fool for being up so late typing away!



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