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What i was doing ten years ago?
This time 10 years ago, I was an intern at the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra. I was an intern doing intern things like calling board members for meetings (hated that) and doing mass mailings. But I did get to design a little and I designed a brochure for a ticket promotion called the “Flex Pass”. I gave it a Titanic theme, since that was popular at the time and created the design in Quark on a really old Mac. Also, along with this, I was getting settled into summer at home after having been away at college at Murray State. It was a weird time to have so much freedom and then be thrown back into rules and restrictions.

Five of my favorite foods:
1. Salted peanuts in the shell
2. Chocolate turtle chex mix
3. Peanut butter pie (the cool whip made kind)
4. Panera black bean soup with a baguette
5. Fresh pineapple

Five things on my to-do list today:
1. Write up an artist statement and price my photos for a small photo show at a local coffee shop.
2. Organize/clean my house.
3. Look through old magazines and rip out pages I want to keep and get rid of the rest.
4. Take old design/self help books to Half Price books to sell
5. Finish up some earrings and instructions for a beading book.

Five favorite recipes:
1. Lemon Spice oatmeal cookies
2. Cinnamon chips with fruit salsa
3. Pumpkin dip
4. Very Good Chocolate cake (It’s the same cake I had once at the Watershed, the Indigo Girl restaurant in Decatur, GA)
5. My mom’s bread stuffing (yum, yum, yum!)

Five jobs i have had:
1. Mowing/yardwork at my parent’s insurance office
2. Print shop intern at Texas Gas, inc., a gas pipeline company
3. Sales associate at JCPenney
4. Graphic/production designer at WaxWorks, Inc., a DVD/video distributor
5. Design editor for the award-winning Murray State Shield yearbook

Five of my bad habits:
1. biting my nails
2. not returning phone calls or e-mails
3. not exercising
4. eating out too much
5. Not being prepared and organized

All the places i have lived:
1. Bowling Green, KY
2. Hartford, KY (Home of 2000 people and a few soreheads, that really is the motto!)
3. Murray, KY
4. Lexington, KY

Five random things:
1. I have/had 12 aunts and uncles on my biological mom’s side and none on my dad’s side. The reason I said had is because an aunt and an uncle passed away.
2. I don’t listen to a lot of music during my day like most people. I was always a top 40 gal and never got into alternative music. If I know about it, it is prob. cause I heard it through someone else, or if it was on the radio. Not totally hip on what’s popular.
3. I’m a better baker than a cook. This prob. is part of the reason I have such a sweet tooth!
4. I am very high energy around little kids, but honestly can’t handle a lot at the same time. They are super cute, but my nerves get either frazzled or I get bored. I used to feel this way a lot when I babysat.
5. I’m a TV junkie during the fall and winter, but don’t watch very much during the summer. This is also the reason I’ve been blogging a lot more. Nothing pressing has been on to occupy my time and thoughts.

Five Folks i Would Like to Know Better (I’m tagging you):
1. Steven J. (dude, please comment and let me know your blog so I can add it)
2. Sarah
3. Kristin
4. Margot
5. Nancy Kay

Until tomorrow Swellions!


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