Wednesday is Lensday: Downtown Lex edition

Like I mentioned in my blog post last night, my friend Chris and I went out in downtown Lexington last night to take photos. After a rather unsavory experience at Mia’s, we finally got to photo taking! It is always good for me to go out and take photos, cause I feel I am much more in an observant/artsy mood. In my day to day life, I photograph basic craft photos and d├ęcor shots for work, but I don’t put a lot of emotion into what I’m shooting. Going out and about on these little flickr walks rejuvenates my train of thought and gets me back to focusing on the basic things I learned way back in my photography class in college. It’s so weird how it is so much different shooting digital than film. With my film camera, I always have to sparingly take the roll. The expense of buying & developing the roll is not something I enjoy these days. Back then, it was just a way of life, I didn’t know any differently. There are pros and cons to both, but I really do enjoy the immediate rewards of digital and endless possibilities and instant editing.

Anyway, so much for my photography rant…here’s some photos….

silhouetted stopping point
Chris stood next to a bright flood light and I snapped away. He moved his eye so that the light would catch it just the right away. He’s a sport like that. I think this turned out interesting…very Sin City-like.

pour lighting
This statue/light was a challenge to shoot. I shot like 25 photos and this is the only one I was somewhat happy with. The light kept being overexposed. Adjusting my settings the right way was a challenge. Anyway, I found these large bulbs to be very pretty and interesting. I wish more city statues today were pretty and demure like this. I’m pretty sure this statue is quite old.

More curves than Beyonce
Lexington has a pretty cool water park downtown with cascading steps. I remember it was one of the first things I noticed when I moved here. Anyway, I wanted to capture it not as an object, but in shapes. I think the moving water and scattered spotlights add nice movement.

garris gump
Chris was looking very Forrest Gump-like sitting in front of the fountain. I like this, but I can’t put my finger on it – but I think it needs something…a different composition or crop, um, I don’t know. Any suggestions?

WEll, off to bed. I totally missed Project Runway tonight. I actually am hearing it in the background as we speak and can hear who won, but I didn’t get to see the designs go down the runway. Geez, sounds like I need a laptop, huh?

Until tomorrow, Swellions!


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