the case of the weird cat


So my cat is acting totally weird today (well, she’s normally weird, but this is unusually weird). I’ve seen her act like this before and it doesn’t totally concern me (maybe it should?) Anyway, for anyone who doesn’t know her peculiarities, she is normally the biggest scaredy cat in the whole world, a hider for sure (not around me when it’s just me, though). Jeremy was the one to first notice. She was walking by without a care in the world, being very brave, playing, being curious and rolling around with her legs spraweld out and eyeing us like she wanted t be pet. It was like she had eaten a whole big handful of catnip or something! The most peculiar thing, though, was that she really let Jeremy pet her as she walked by for a pretty long time, and she’s never done that! It’s an accomplishment of hers, but it kinda makes me think she’s in some phantom heat or something. Has anyone else seen their cat act in this way? My co-worker said her dog acted weird like this once and whimpered and cried and acted really depressed. Turns out she was having phantom heat. Isn’t that the bizarrest thing?

Anyway, I’m sure she’ll be back to her nomal self tomorrow. She’s just so sweet right now and generally unphased by commotion or movement like she usually is. I kinda wish she had a little more of this in her on a normal basis.

I guess it could be worse…she could be a cat that jumps up on tables and counters and pees all over that place. She does none of that. Her worst habits are puking up hairballs and missing the litter box, but those aren’t that big of deals. She’s never once knocked something over and ruined it or annoyed me while I tried reading or walking around. She’s an overall good girl 🙂

Well, pooped as usual. Until tomorrow Swellions.



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