Fun with Flickr apps and plug-ins!

I love little apps like this that you discover online. Actually there is a lot at this link. I decided to check out a few that they showcased.

This site pulls letters from a flickr group and comes up with cool creations like this…

S Pastry Cutter W E L L

So, granted…I wish it were all on the same line, but it will do 🙂

At flickrvision you can see photos as they are uploaded at different locals all over the world…all in real time.

I went to Islands of Consciousness and frankly, it was a bit disturbing. I can respect what the artist was doing, but I came upon a kid juxtaposed with a haunting visual of a man. It kinda weirded me out. It’s totally random, though, so you nver know what you’re going to get. I do give them an A+ for the font they used on their page. I dig it a lot.

This little memory game at Pim Pam Pum was fun. You just type in a tag and it randomly comes up with a memory board. Hey, it beats playing with that lame Disney version.

flickr memory

This cool tag browser lets you search for a tag and then it branches out all kinds of related tags of that basic topic. Think of it kinda like those crazy brainstorm clouds you had to do back in school. Looks like it would be great if you weren’t sure exactly what you were going after.

tag browser

Man, the internet is a fascinating place!

Hope all your flickrites (hopefully you swellions are in that mix…if not what are you waiting for?) have fun playing around with these cool little toys. I sure did.

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