A long weekend

I’m finished with my weekend but feel like I need another day! Ugh…why does it have to go by so fast!! I guess it was good overall, besides having a sick moment yesterday. I didn’t really do much this weekend besides dress shop with my friend who is getting married (she picked out her dress + the dresses we are wearing). I also helped Jeremy organize his place today. He just moved to a rather small place. It’s an apartment/studio complex that used to be a hotel. It is the craziest looking place on the inside, because it has recessed moulding that is in resemblance of castle shapes. Like there are three guards in a row at one point in the hallway, a Russian temple, jokers, etc. It’s actually quite bizarre. Chris said he wants to shoot it with his wide angle lens. Actually here’s one pic to give you an idea of the moulding. I thought this looked rather Trekkie myself.

trekkie molding

I also watched 2 episodes of 24. Pretty compelling stuff. I could see myself getting hooked. Just what I need.

Well, I think I’m going to settle in and check out one of the mags I bought in the past couple of days…I got Country Living (actually not as “country” as you would think), Bust, Venus Zine, and ReadyMade. That’s what I call some good readin’.

Until tomorrow Swellions!


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