Terrorific Tuesday: Frightfully Funky Feather Wreath

This is the first post in my weekly tribute to Halloween this season. Every week, I intend to share an inspired frightening and fun crafting idea. I noticed today that the project I’m about to share with you was featured on a great new creative site I discovered called One Pretty Thing. I realized that I had never posted this project on this blog (even though I did it last year). I went through a phase there where I only posted certain blogs to my myspace and certain ones to this one, but here lately, I’ve been using this as my central blog and not using myspace as much (is it bad to say I’m kinda over it). Anyway, this is a repost from that Myspace post from October last year. I’m going to keep coming up with some unique ideas and will keep you posted on them (literally), so check back here every Tuesday for a spooky idea! And now…the Frightfully Funky Feather Wreath!

black wreath detail

I made this last night (stayed up late to finish it)…I have always wanted to make a feather wreath and I wanted something that was going to make me smile as soon as I see my door. It’s light, airy, fun, funky and I think that’s more my approach to Halloween.

Went to Hobby Lobby two nights in a row…the first night to buy the styrofoam form and the feathers and the next night to buy the ornaments (all from the holiday section-half off baby!). It took me an hour or so to pick out just the right ornaments to get the look I was going for.

I heart glitterville and kinda took a page from that book in creating this. I think there are options out there for crafters to get that high end look, but for a reasonable price (this cost me about $16 bucks to make) rather than paying an arm and a leg for something storebought. It’s worth it…you just have to know what you are looking for and watch out for sales (oh, and 40% off coupons help too).

Here’s how I did it….

Medium sized styrofoam wreath blank
2 long black feather boas
3 small silver glitter plastic ornaments
3 sm/medium purple glitter plastic ornaments
3 large round glass orange ornaments
25-30 small padded protectors (they keep lamp bases, frames, etc. from scuffing hardwood)
Black Americana acrylic writer
Black spray paint
1 sharpie marker
Glue gun with glue sticks

1. Glue gun end of feather boa to styrofoam wreath. Wrap around half of wreath and glue other end in place. Glue gun and wrap second boa around wreath blank until entire wreath is covered in feathers.

2. Spray paint sheet of padded protectors. Once dry, randomly stick on orange ornaments for “flocked” look.

3. Create large swirls on purple sparkle ornaments with black writer. Set upright in small container or on an ornament hanger and let dry.

4. Draw stripes on small silver balls with sharpie marker.

5. Once all ornaments are dry, adhere ornaments to styrofoam part of wreath with glue gun. Fluff feathers around each ornament after glue is applied to make styrofoam area unnoticeable. Let dry.

Helpful hint: Store wreath in an ornament wreath keeper to prevent loose feathers or damage to ornaments. Since the orange ornaments are glass, they should be handled with care and stored accordingly.

Hope you find this project enlightening and it gets you excited about crafting for Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday if you didn’t already know! Until next time Swellions!


All content/photos copyright, Alexa L. Westerfield, 2008


  1. says

    I love feather ‘wreafs’.
    And sparkly ornaments.

    And together? Holy WOW!

    Love it!! I am definitely bookmarking this for a project for next Halloween.

    Gives me some idears for Christmas, too. 😉

    Found you on My Insanity!

  2. Anonymous says

    This wreath is fantastic. I just love the colors and the whole idea of a wreath at Halloween and not just Christmas…….

    There will be on hanging on our door in Melbourne Australia this Halloween……

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  10. says

    Another one! I saved a pic of this wreath from another blog and didn’t realize it was yours! I’m putting this one in my mega Halloween Wreath round-up post, too : )
    Jaimee @ craft-interrupted.blogspot.com

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