Terrorific Tuesday: Spooktastic Halloween Pennants

Here’s a cute project I did last year taken from my Myspace blog…I really had a blast making these and they are a quick evening craft. If you love making pennants and banners, you will love making these!

If you are an avid crafter, you know it when you see something out and about and have that “Voila! I can make that!” moment…this happened to me when I saw this:

Original pennant design

I really loved them, but didn’t like the price tag ($8 each), so I got my crafty thinking cap on and decided to make my own (with my friend Lorilyn’s help).

halloween pennants

I think they turned out super cute and fun…super easy too! We just used kabob sticks, printouts, black cardstock, pinking shear like scissors, and some wooden balls painted with glitter on top.

I plan on displaying them in a bowl filled with candy corn or possibly sticking out from a cool pumpkin. Any other thoughts?

I have another special post on the way later for all you Swellions! Have a great day!


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    These are soooo cute! Is Halloween supposed to be cute? I finally live in a neighborhood that might actually have trick or treaters, so I think I shall make these for the walk up to my door. Last year I had one trick or treater, he came late and his costume was very low budget. He was SOOO happy to be out getting candy though and thankfully I could tell he was a pirate. I asked if he was a Pirate Captain and he smiled so big (he just had a beard drawn on with market and a big hoop earring hanging from his ear). I gave him most of my candy, closed the door, and cried a bit. I wish I knew who that kid was so I could get him an AMAZING costume this year.

    There, long post, but I thought I’d share my halloween story and why it’s ALWAYS important to decorate and have candy, even if you think no one will come to the door. This little guy might.

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    Aw, that’s a super sweet and sad story. You lit up his night. In a way, you might be cemented in his mind for his lifetime to come in a postive way. I’m sure it meant a lot to him that you were so sweet and gave him handfuls of candy. That’s what trick or treating is supposed to be about!!!

    I think Halloween can be whatever you want it to be. I tend to go for cute over scary, but I do have some scary things. I have soooooo much Halloween stuff that I kinda wonder if I should weed through it and make it more one genre over the other. It’s just so hard letting go of even the scary stuff. I love it all and keep adding! Now that’s scary!

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