My 700th post & random cryptic thoughts

I just noticed as I logged in that I have blogged 700 times! I can’t believe it. I guess I started this blog in 2001 right after college at the encouragement of my friend Kristin. I actually may have had more posts than 700, but it only shows archives back to 2004. I’m not one to usually look back too often. Sometimes seeing and reviewing feelings from my past makes me feel weird. You know…the ones where you relive an experience, read a letter from someone who is no longer a part of your life, or revive old feelings that you’d rather forget. In a way I think it’s good to have that back there. I have a feeling that if anything were to happen to me, someone who didn’t know me would be able to get atleast a small grasp of who I was based on my photos and writings. They would prob. see that I’m not the most technically skilled writer, but also they would see that I was creative and overall a very random girl who was interested in a lot of things.

Not trying to be all cryptic, I swear, but sometimes I do wonder things like this. Who would clean up my apartment if something happened to me? Who would actually come to my funeral? Would anyone on the net actually notice my absense? I often wonder if people would only learn about it months or years later. Where would my cat go (hmm, I need to line that one up…any takers)? What would be my legacy (ok, I realize I’m still pretty young to be thinking of this). OK, I’m seriously not going to dwell on this, it’s just things I wonder from time to time…I’m sure you have too at some point. Do you ever do the same or even have weirder thoughts along the same line??

OK, off to Gallery Hop. I think my camera battery is charged enough to get at least a few snaps tonight.

Until next time Swellions!



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