Sep 25, 2008

Ornament Thursday: Something's brewing up!

cute witch canvas

This month, we didn't have as many Thursdays in September, so I totally flaked on Ornament THursday! I got caught up with other things. So my project is a day late, and a dollar short, huh?

The theme for Ornament Thursday this month is "Brew". so I decided to share this project that I did last year that I posted on myspace. I wanted to create a retro witch wall hanging that was cute and fun and divalicious. I haven't gotten her out yet for this year, but hopefully will in the next week!


Americana Acrylic Paints:
Jack O' Lantern Orange
Royal Fuchsia
Bahama Blue
Flesh Tone
Cherry Red
Americana Acrylic Writer:
Dazzling Metallics Paints:
Purple Pearl
Ice Blue
Craft Twinkles Paints:
Purple (DCT15)
Orange (DCT13)
Crystal (DCT1)
Christmas Red
Flat brush, liner brush
8x10 white art canvas
Additional Supplies:
Fuchsia sequins
12 small crystal rhinestones
1 large purple rhinestone
1 medium crystal rhinestone
1 starbust sparkle
Sakura Gelly Writer Silver Pen
craft glue
Water basin
paper towels
paper plate
tracing paper
Sharpie marker (optional - see optional ideas section)

1. Draw or trace onto canvas
2. Paint in face area using Flesh Tone.
3. Squeeze out Black writer onto plate and paint hair, inside glasses area and hat stripes (refer to photo)
4. Paint around glasses Royal Fuschia.
5. Paint lips Cherry Red.
6. Paint hat brim and stripes Purple Pearl.
7. Paint wider stripe just above brim Jack O' Lantern orange.
8. Paint background Ice Blue.
9. When background is done, paint stars Bahama Blue and swirls Royal Fuchsia.
10. Paint stripes on side of canvas alternating between orange and black.
11. Use black writer to outline hair, neck, chin, nose, and hat. Let dry.
12. Use silver pen to add details around stars, swirls, and for reflection on glasses.
13. Use matching twinkle color to paint over selected areas...For Purple Pearl, Purple Twinkles; Cherry, Red; Jack O' Lantern, Orange Twinkles; and Black, I mixed it up and gave it a purple twinkle tint as well. For stars, Ice Crystal twinkles was used.
14. Once all is done, adhere sequins and embellishments with craft glue.

1. Glue gun a matching tulle or grosgrain ribbon to the top of your canvas for hanging.
2. Use a Craft Twinkles paint pot instead of buying every single color of Twinkles or get a similar effect by just applying Ice Crystal Twinkles over selected areas.
3. For finer details (instead of using Black Americana Writer), use Sharpie Marker.

Also, I can put the pattern if anyone wants it on my flickr. I will have to draw it up though. So, if you'd like to have it, please e-mail me at

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Until next time Swellions!


All content/photos copyright, © Alexa L. Westerfield, 2008


Cindy Gimbrone said...

I always always always lOVE your projects, Alexa!!! You're certainly swellicious and this witch is no exceptiong! YAY! I LOVE it!!!

Swell-ingly yours,

Melissa J. Lee said...

I love this one, too - the funky cat's eye glasses really make this witch for me!

Lisa said...

That is so creative. I'm envious of drawing skills. And I hear you about running out of thursdays! Great project.

Michelle McGee said...

She is awesome... and so are you!

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