Swell gets technologically savvy

swell gets savvy

I have officially entered the 21st century! I got the new iphone. I’ve been wanting one for quite a while, but I was waiting for the 3G version and then for the buzz of the latest one to die down. It’s crazy, but I finally have one in my own hands!

I am not really one to stay up on the latest and greatest technological trends. I’m kinda lazy, actually. For the most part, I have what I need and am content with it. It’s when something goes wrong with an electronic that I seek out the newest thing. I currently am actually in need of a new stereo (my Sony from 1997 is not playing cds anymore and is very temperamental). If I update it, I guess I will need to get a cd/mp3 player, huh? Ugh, I just don’t know. It’s not a pressing concern.

I haven’t had an ipod up until this point either, so I really am a kid in a candy shop. I’m going to transfer my music over at some point…perhaps later this week. I also don’t know how I will do using the itunes store. I don’t want to get too addicted and spend tons of money. I could see how that could easily happen with all the fun little apps, music, and videos out there for download.

It’s crazy how far technology really has come. I’m sure it’s going to advance even more, but I just remember moments in my life when I was amazed by far less sophisticated stuff….like in 7th grade when my parents got a new Gateway computer and I did research on Encarta and drew stuff using MSPaint. Also, I was amazed at an even younger age by Printshop and the banners I could do on a dot matrix printer. In college, e-mail ruled the world and having your own account meant you could send as many forwards (I remember when they were actually “cool” to send) and e-cards that my heart desired.

I just hope that my iphone makes me even nuttier about the internet than I already am (I’m afraid it is going to). It’s so amazing that I can check my flickr and the latest celebrity gossip while in the car or standing in line. Who would have ever thought?

Well, gotta get to bed. Until tomorrow Swellions!

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