Wednesday is Lensday: Zoo Edition

So today I’m feeling in one of those “Ughhhhhhhhhh….” moods. Don’t know why. My tv dinner didn’t quite satisfy me, neither did that episode of Project Runway. Feeling a bit achey and full from sweet tea. Whoa is me, huh?

I did want to share some of my photos from this past weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo. I really wanted to get out and explore and do something! Sometimes it gets so hard day in and day out in the same environment…I just had to see and do something outside of my norm and get inspired in a different way. I really would write some cute captions, but I’m feeling pooped out and have yet to do some dishes and download some more files off my camera. I promise tomorrow I won’t be in such a foul mood!!!

hot legs
let it ripple
my my! what big teeth you have
little green snake
monkey do

Oh, and this one is just funny (such humor never gets old, I swear)
feels like making love

Hope you enjoyed the zootastic pics Swellions! I hope your Thursday is a happy one!


All content/photos copyright, © Alexa L. Westerfield, 2008


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