You don’t even know how nutty I really am…

Writing to you as I drink diet Coke outta my black kettle mug. And you know that can only mean one thing…I’m getting ready to put out my Halloween decorations!!!

I have so many decorations. I actually don’t have enough space to display them all. I envision myself one day having my house featured in one of those fancy decor mags with my house all decked out. That’s a little ways off, though. Right now I live in a pretty good sized apartment, but it’s not the perfect space for me to get all my goodies out. I actually would like to pull the reigns in a bit more on my decorations and be able to fine tune the style I want. You see, there’s cute, vintage, sophisticated, and then gosh darn scary Halloween decor. I’d say I’m more into the vintage/sophisticated style. I have a few scary things and I do own a fog machine, but I don’t like the guts and goriness of Halloween. I far more prefer the playful aspect of it.

Well, here’s my stash that I pulled in from my outside storage. I actually forgot to showcase my vintage monster posters, which are seen in this cleaned up living room picture from last year…


Oh, and here’s the stash…

halloween stash

Here’s 2 new additions to my collection o’ stuff…a Halloween tiara and a Halloween apron my mom made me:

halloween tiara & apron

I’m sure you noticed, but I updated the look of my blog a bit. I did the header on the fly…if I get a chance, I’d like to redo it, but it will do for now. Blogger has a new customizable header and sidebar setup that’s really easy. I added in a fun slideshow and poll, so check those out! Also take notice of my Terrorific Tuesday link and click on it if you want to know about how you can participate. I’ve had quite a few people…prob. 10 in all show interest so far, so spread the word!

Oh, and Amy from Living Locurto gave me a sweet shout out on her blog today 🙂 Check out her blog and her Halloween blog party and find out how you can participate that one as well 🙂 She’s my soul sister in all things Halloween!

Well, gotta get going. Until tomorrow Swellions!



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