Cool new Texture paints

It’s late and I’m tired. Now that Halloween is just about over, I’m kinda sad, cause I can write till I’m blue in the face about it, but when it comes to other content, I struggle.

So, this is going to be a super simple post…my work has a new Texture paint line and they are super cool. Our staff just made some really quick and simple videos that explain each of the products. Seeing is believing with this paint. They go on so smooth and creamy and are so easy to apply…see for yourself!

Here’s a video of our cool Texture Crackle!

Here’s some of the other videos available:

Texture Fierro Paint
Texture Terra Cotta
Texture Terra Cotta
Paintable Texture Thick & Texture Fine
Paintable Texture Stucco
Paintable Texture Glass

That’s my friend Diane (and one of my DecoArt moms) speaking in the videos…by the way, if you ever want to hear me, go to this page and click on Foam Paint. I just listened to it and I sound really country! I don’t realize I have such an accent until I hear myself back. Yikes! That’s always scary to hear!

Let me know what you think and I’ll pass it on! I’d love to hear your feedback on the videos and what you think of the paint!

Oh, and feel free to post these videos on your blog/site and help us get the word out about this cool product. I think it would be great for mixed media projects and beautiful home d├ęcor!

Until next time Swellions!



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