Feeling like it’s a photo day

I am not in a bloggy mood…more of a photo mood today 🙂 I did want to share 5 super quick and random things…

1. First off, I was featured today on 365 Halloween today. Also, I was featured on One Pretty Thing. Super stoked about both of those.

2. I got a headache today from talking too much. Yeah, I do that sometimes.

3. I want you to check out my awesome friend Kelly Toon’s website (that is really her real last name). She is an absolutely amazing artist who specializes in caricatures. She’s so uber talented. Also, she is so wise beyond her years and insightful. I really want to hang out with her and her husband Justin really soon!

4. I had a wonderful birthday and want to thank everyone who made it super special. You guys are the best!

5. I am going shopping tonight with my friend Jessica. I think we are going to hit up Old Navy as well as a couple of places in the mall. My super sweet boyfriend got me a awesome gift card to the mall and Godiva! He’s mine ladies. Hands off! Ha ha.

Now onto the photos…

Me after trying on clothes yesterday. MAn, my wardrobe is so basic. I’d be happy with wearing black everyday.
dressing room

Isn’t my friend Molly the cutest?
the magic of molly

This was my b-day cake. A lemon poppy seed mini bundt cake from Panera. You know, I turned it over and it was totally a muffin. What a rip off! It was still good, though.
my birthday cake

I just loved these new ornaments beaded decor at Michaels:
ornament swirls

colorful beaded fringe

Oh, and these are from my family pumpkin painting and hanging out last weekend. This is my finished polka dot pumpkin (a slew of mags like Family Circle, Woman’s Day and BHG are featuring polka dot pumpkins this month).
me and polka dot pumpkin

My niece, Taylor, is my favorite little crafty girl!
taylor has talent

My nephews Brock and Grant go up the embankment…
kids having fun with box

And come back down. Kids are so cute and so easily entertained!
sliding down hill

Well, outta here. Hope you have a great October 2nd Swellions!


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