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Well, it’s Monday already. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Mine was pretty good. One of the many things I did was going to a corn maze at Kelley Farms near right outside of Lexington. As I kid, I always romanticized in my mind the idea of those English garden mazes. I always thought I wanted to go and figure it out. This corn maze was along that same idea, but wasn’t quite as mesmerizing as I thought it would be. First off, they gave you a map and there wasn’t a get to point a to point b kind of route. It was more just a fun trek through some tall and short corn (at some points the corn was only 3 feet high, other points, it seemed to be 12 feet high). Then if you lost your way, you could figure out details of the maze that helped lead you back to the starting point.

The actual maze was shaped like Abraham Lincoln with words as show here:

corn maze map

Actually, here’s a link here with an aeriel view if you want to see what it looks like.

So, when I referred to “figuring out details”, certain shapes were indicative of his collar, ear, a letter, etc.

I went in a big group of 10 or so, some really cool friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Throughout the maze there were other little packs of people, some young, some family, and some scared. We weren’t corny than scared, though, I will admit this does look kinda scary.

children of the corn maze

They had some really cute festive setups. I like the way these lights lit up the pumpkins below and the cornstalks made a nice backdrop as well.

Halloween pumpkin up in lights

I have still yet to go on a trip to an actual pumpkin patch this year, so we will see if I go back there. I’ll probably go to an orchard outside of Lexington in Georgetown.

On a final note, be sure to get all your links into me today for Terrorific Tuesdays. I need them by 6pm eastern time and if you could…could you please write up a little blurb. It will help me out a lot!

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  1. says

    We visited a farm this weekend, too, to pick pumpkins with the Short One. Is this a new trend, or was I just oblivious before my son arrived on the scene? I don’t remember Halloween farm festivals from my youth.

  2. Anonymous says

    Tasha and I were there too! How funny!
    ps__THANK YOU SO MUCH for the work you are doing on our invitations!
    You are so talented!!!

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