My scary Bill Cosby moment

Last night I went shopping at the mall. I realized two things…

1) I can no longer wear juniors fashions. Guess it must have been turning 30 or something. No really, I haven’t been able to wear these styles for a while. They are just not cut out for my curves and an X-Large, usually in a real woman’s size is actually a medium. So even if a friend suggests otherwise, if you are over 30, you should avoid this section at all costs (If you brave though, enter at your own risk)

2) Just because something looks good on the rack, doesn’t means it looks good on…case in point, this:

my bill cosby sweater moment

The pattern on the rack looked kinda 80’s, but cool in a blue and black leopard print sorta way. I put it on and realized that I was wearing a sweater I would have seen on the Cosby Show, Perfect Strangers, or heck, even Too Close for Comfort! Talk about terrorific! Is this not one of the most hideous looks you’ve seen in a while? I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there making this shocked and stunned face in the mirror. Also, it didn’t help that I had my black, too tight work pants on that aren’t the most flattering. Geez, I know this is pretty darn bad, so don’t go signing me up for What not to Wear, ok?

Well, in other non-fashion faux pas news, I’m going to Keeneland tomorrow and I found an extra cute top that did fit (it was from the women’s section). I’m going to pair that with some heels and new jeans from Old Navy. I wanted to wear a dress, but I couldn’t find anything I just loved at a reasonable price. I will still feel stylin’ though in what I did get.

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Send me your Terrorific Tuesday projects this weekend and Monday by 6 at the latest. I can’t wait to see your wonderful concoctions Swellions! I did want to add that if you don’t have a blog, but have a flickr site, you can send me your link as well. Just as long as I have something to link to and that you can explain your idea/concept, everyone is welcome to participate!

Until next time,


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