To be a kid again this Halloween…


So it’s not everyday you see kiddos on my blog, but this is an adorable pic of my niece and nephew, Brock and Taylor as a Pink Bunny and Indiana Jones! My mom the oh-so-talented seamstress made both of these costumes like she does every year for them. If this isn’t super cute, I don’t know what is!!!

I really hope they enjoy these years dressing up and trick or treating. Halloween is such a magical time in a child’s life. Even though you know I love Halloween and get excited by the smallest little thing, I miss the excitement I felt as a kid around this time of year. Little things like going trick or treating and rummaging through candy afterwards, getting to play games at a fall festival, and feeling the anticipation of a Halloween party at school, are things I look back fondly and wistfully on. Excitement back then was so pure and simple, but now adding on daily tasks and struggles weighs me down a lot, and I’m sure it does others too.

I really need to make it my goal to not get to overwhelmed by the Holiday that I don’t get to enjoy it. Maybe simple things like going on a ghost walk, eating pumpkin goods, and just sitting in the dark as my hot pink and orange lights glow is the thing I need to do to reconnect with that little girl I once was.

What are you going to do to reconnect with your inner child this Halloween?


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    Oh I totally still dress up and then force all my family to do the same and we have a party and play stupid games. It brings that magic back so much better than the alternative of freezing my backside off while trick or treating in our neck of the woods.

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    Having your own kid really changes everything – it’s like being able to indulge in a second childhood. My toddler was pleased as punch to wear the pirate costume I made for him this year. I’m already dreading the day that he no longer thinks my knitted costumes are cool enough to wear…

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    Those are adorable costumes. I want your mom to make me some:-)

    It’s funny, both my kids have several Halloween costumes. They wear a new one each day. I wonder what they’ll choose for Trick or Treat night?

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