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Hello all. I’ve had a somewhat productive evening…in the process of planning a special Christmas project for my friend, with my mom’s embroidery help, finishing up some graphic design magnet projects, and trying to solve a beading dilemma! I stay very crafty!

I have been thinking about what gifts I really want to get for folks this year and I’m thinking that I would like to make handmade gifts as much as possible. I always have this intention, then end up spending so much more on non-handmade gifts that it isn’t even funny. Such is life, I guess. I’ve been perusing around Etsy and saw a few things I wanted to share. If you are interested in some totally unique gifts, I suggest going there to find them for that special someone. It’s so cool that there is an online marketplace like Etsy that puts you in touch with artists from all over the world. I always say this, but MAN! What did we do before the internet??

Anyway, here’s some of my favorite finds I spotted tonight on there…

Cool, colorful belt buckles from Fosterweld’s Shop. Also check out there awesome cuffs as well!

Loved these clever darts from Something’s Hiding Here

I think these rings from Nina Gibson Designs are a great concept realized!

ToyBreaker makes the most beautiful ties I’ve ever seen. Love the copper color on chocolate brown!

This little neon Polaroid ring from NB’s Closet makes me giddy.

Hope you liked these gift ideas! Until next time Swellions!



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    I can see your point. I think you probably fall in the category of people without excess stuff. Maybe that’s not true, but my friend Chris is like this too. He doesn’t see a need for knick knack stuff. This is a problem for me and a lot of my craft projects/paper crafts. You want to display it, but it’s just more clutter.

    I do think those darts are neat. Perhaps in an office?

  2. says

    You know….I really dig the cuffs at that shop.

    Like, really really.

    But they’re cowhide…so I won’t buy one. Probably for the best anyway, given I’m affluence-challenged.

    Fun stuff.

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