Thursday in Black & White

Went with my Flickr friend Chris tonight to take some cool artsy shots. I get in the mode from time to time to get in tune with my fine art photography. Tonight I felt a little off…must be because I’m really tired. Sorry to be so short in my post tonight, but I’m finished for the day. Just wanted to share a few of my shots (all of which I made black and white thanks to Daniel Diaz’s Black and White action in Photoshop, downloadable at Action Central’s site. I suggest you go over there and check out their actions if you do Photoshop on a daily basis like I do. This is the favorite action I’ve ever used.

Staring back at me
staring back at me
Shot at the UK library. I rode the elevator down and Chris stayed up there to photograph me at the bottom. Very triangular indeed!

Just Shoot Me
just shoot me
Chris in the elevator. I like how the slanted framing turned out.

That’s what my world is all about!!!

In the Round
in the round
I like this; however, I noticed that there’s some weird imperfections at the top left. I wonder how stuff gets jammed up in there/ripped off like that. This in the UK library and this is at the very, very top. The library has like 6 levels, so I have no clue how anyone even gets up there. Those windows must be really hard to clean!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pics. As I was uploading one of the pictures, I really fell asleep, so I better get some rest! It’s funny how you are fine and then BAM! (not refering to Emeril, by the way) you are out in the blink of an eye. Guess our bodies just work that way!

Until next time Swellions!



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    Wow. I really love these. This is great. I love that ART sign photo. I love black and white, and I love architectural and I love windows. I’m trying to think of anything at all that I don’t love about these…


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