Case of the Mondays

Hey everyone. Everything in the house of swell is going alright. I am suffering unfortunately from an eye infection due to a contact I wore yesterday. Yikes! It is so not fun, but thankfully it is hurting less today!

My friend Tasha’s wedding went really well. There were no major flubs or mistakes. It was at a very large church here in Lexington, so we were on 3 jumbotrons…so as I walked down the aisle, I was on camera. They prob. will broadcast it on TV next week, actually. So, this church is very contemporary and during the performance of Amazing Grace, backed up by a professional band, I did everything in my power to not bust a move. I really wanted to! It was so lively!

Anyway, the night before, Marty and Tasha had their rehearsal dinner/small reception and I wanted to share a photo I took of them next to some twinkle lights. I really like how it turned out!


On a whole other note, I am going to be going to a cookie party tonight. Some of the people at this party REALLY get into the packaging and presentation, but I just created some quick funky tent labels and stapled them to my baggies. I had a lot going on with the wedding and the eye setback that I didn’t have time to think too much about the presentation. The cookies turned out really well. Very moist and chewy!

Cookies with tent label

So, I’m off to the cookie party. I hope the weather isn’t too terrible tonight! It can be kind of hard driving back on country roads when it’s bad. If it starts snowing too much, I’m going to have to leave early. This is something everyone that attends looks forward to all year long, so I hope the weather stays calm.

Well, gotta go! Until next time Swellions!



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