I elfed myself!

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So admittedly, Chris posted this earlier on his flickr and featured this video in this same format (along with his cat). I just had to do it, too! I didn’t get to see the Country or Charleston version, but I’m sure I will at some point (it wouldn’t load and show until I embedded it into my blog). Anyway, the sad thing about this disco dance is that I think I’ve actually done some of the moves.

So get a few laughs, Swellions! I just love these little JibJab
creations! So go forth and make a few featuring you and your friends!

Until next time!



  1. says

    Argh! The cat is the best!

    I totally didn’t realize that was your mat on Curbly! Now I’m going to be looking for you on there all the time. It never even occurred to me that bloggers I “know” might write for them! how fun! I also added you to that post, thanks for letting me know!

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