Just what I’ve always wanted

I got an electronic razor! Golly gee!

There was a gift drawing at work and you got to pick from a ginormous pile of gifts in all shapes and sizes when your name was called. I was very observant last year and noticed that the smaller gifts all had gifts like mp3 players in them, so that’s what I went for…something lightweight and small! As you can tell in the above photo, I kinda guessed wrong. They had actually tricked us and wrapped small things in large packages. Needless to say, I wasn’t incredibly thrilled with my gift, but I can always take it back and get something else. The only thing I would ever need this razor for is the stray hair that pops up on my chin! You know how it is…you probably have them too.

I have a lot to get together tonight. I have to go to a party and then get everything ready for my family tomorrow. I also have to round up my computer, copy over everything from it, and get it to my friend. Ugh, I better get outta here so I can get started on it all!

I hope all you Swellions have an awesome weekend!



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