Back in the saddle again!

back at the swell life

So, here I am back at it…in my home, on my computer and finally back to normal! I can’t say I’m totally settled in, but a big part of me being settled in is being able to upload my photos and blog and I’m sooooo happy I can finally do that!

Anyway, I could tell you everything that happened while I was on my trip out here, but it would be too long and involved. So I’ll give you a quick update in a few mini tidbits!

1) I rode out here to California in a Penske truck with my dad. We booked it out here. No major stops, except for the Riverside Casino in Laughlin, Nevada (it’s a bizarre, bizarre place, btw). Read all on this sign and it pretty much clues you in on what kind of place it was!

nice rack

I guess we got here in 3 days…one day we even drove 800 miles. I would not have made it without the Iphone! It was my saving grace from boredom!!

Check out my photoset here of various photos I took while on my trip!

2) Got some new Ikea furniture. My dad helped me set it up…of it, I got this super cute dining table and computer chair and a super swell red bookcase (boy, packing it was really, really heavy). My dad put them together for me. He is so awesome at that kind of thing!

2009-01-29 23:05:11 -0800

2009-01-29 23:00:07 -0800

3. I started at Duncan Enterprises on January 19th. It’s been great thus far. I have a happy little space with an awesome cubicle mate (Hi Gloria!) and I’ve gotten to get to know some wonderful designers! I also get to see and hang out with my crafty idol Crafty Chica. And yes, she is as nice in person as she seems! I’m so glad I’m getting to actually get to know her in person, rather than just online! Online friends are great, but getting to cross over and meet up with them totally rocks!

4. I went to CHA last Sunday and had an awesome time as well. It looked kinda like a slow show overall…with most of the activity centering around a visit by Paris Hilton. Yes, I did get in on the madness and even snapped a pic (she’s in between the two scrapbook pages).

2009-01-29 22:59:31 -0800

It’s not the greatest, but I did see her. It’s so silly how everyone was going mad over her. I also got to hang out with my new crafty peeps at Duncan (the booth was beyond awesome…the best looking one at the show…seriously). Also, I got to meet up with some crafty blogger friends like Margot, Cathie, Candie, Drew the Crochet Dude, and Stefanie, Phyllis, and Brenda. I also saw my old DecoArt peeps and my friend Homer Hillis of HHH Enterprises. I also got to meet Homer’s wife, Rhonda, who was equally wonderful as well! Oh, and I met Mark Montano and got a copy of his Big Ass Book of Crafts

2009-01-29 22:57:56 -0800

I have a lot more to tell you about and to inspire you with in the next few weeks and I will do my best to catch you up on everything with me.

Swellions, sorry to be away for so long, leave me a comment!!! I’d love to catch up!



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    I know I enjoyed your tweets from the road. Glad you are settling in. That computer chair? I had the same one in France. It’s a good’un. And I love the table!

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