5 things I’m noticing about Fresno

fresh lemons

1. People have a lot of fruit trees. The lemons above came from my co-workers lemon tree. How cool is that? In Kentucky, I was lucky to get the occasional tomato or cucumber during the summer, but here people bring in fruits year-round to share. That lemon was the bomb in my diet coke, BTW.

2. People around here make a LOT of U-turns. It is acceptable, too…the signs even say it’s ok to do it. I still get a bit nervous when I do it now, cause back home, you’d get a ticket for doing it. It’s not something I’m feeling too comfortable doing.

3. There are a lot of people who stand on street corners here advertising stuff. Back home, I saw an occasional guy trying to promote the “Hot ‘n Ready” pizza deal from Little Caesars, but here right next to the tax place, I have seen 4 people dressed as the Statue of Liberty on each corner of the intersection. Also, it’s not uncommon for you to pull up to a fast food place and have someone there to take your order. For some reason, it was told it helps productivity and efficiency in getting you through the drive through. Beats me.

4. And I thought Lexington had a lot of Starbucks! On Shaw Avenue, the main drag next to my house, there are 3 within a mile of each other. I guess people really like their morning espresso and muffin!

5. The same goes for Target…there’s like 10 in this town! I think Target here is like Wal-mart back home. There’s a couple of Wal-marts here, but honestly I haven’t had a need to go to any for groceries or anything. There’s just a lot more options and you know the headache you get when you go in that place. Maybe it’s for the best anyway. Ha ha.

Well, must get ready for bed. Until next time Swellions!



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    I think it is interesting driving in new places. When I was in New Jersey visiting, it took a while to get used to some of their turns. Here you get in the left lane and turn with the arrow. There you got in the right lane and then turned right into a loop that shot you back across the road.

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    I think there are other things I’ve noticed, too…just forgotten about.

    Retta: That is so weird.

    Thanks madge! I don’t know that that would be the kind of lemon you would want. Ha ha.


    I’ll have to check that out!

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    Are you talking about in-n-out where the people come out to take your order… or was it somewhere else? I think there is an in-n-out in fresno so that might be it. If so, had you never had it before? hehehe


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    Well in defense of Fresno the crazy statue of liberty thing has really only been going on for like the last year. I actually saw a kid do it yesterday and he was dancing with his sign. I do see them a lot for housing developments as well but they are not in costume.

    You haven’t seen anything yet in regards to fruit. When the season hits try a Pluot. You will think we shipped it from another planet. They look like these little Dinosaur eggs.

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