Make your own custom stickers + a look back at my sticker collection

stickers on sticker paper

How many times have you printed out something on sticky paper only to end up cutting it out and leaving a large portion of the rest of the page? And most times, you can’t feed it back through the machine once the image is cut out, You are usually left sticky paper that inevitably gets thrown away. Here’s a easy solution to use up all those scraps…custom stickers!

It’s really something fun and quick that you can do that let’s you reconnect with drawing or lettering if you’ve been out of the loop for awhile. As you can see below, I just drew a bunch of random shapes and words all over the page. There really was no rhyme or reason. And even if you aren’t quite sure of your drawing skills, you can still make funny stickers! Why not try a basic smiley face, bubble letters, funny stick men in action, or quote bubbles? This would also be great to do with kids. They would love creating custom stickers that they could use to seal envelopes for a party or for a special letter to Grandma!

make your own custom stickers

I simply used inexpensive markers (and some Sharpies…they are personally my fave marker, but I didn’t do all of these stickers with them). I drew the design, let it dry, and then cut out around it. It’s as simple as that!

Oh, and speaking of stickers…here’s a little trip down memory lane (and possibly some inspiration for you). When I was 6 or 7, my sister Sophia gave me her sticker collection. It came in a bright green Trapper Keeper!! Back then, stickers were like gold! I remember fishing in the cereal boxes for ones with Michael Jackson on them! I’m betting you had some of these too!

smelly stickers
Smelly stickers always were rockin’! But they often times were pretty disappointing!

muppets, gizmo, and more!
Muppets, Gizmo, Captain Crunch, oh my!

holographic stickers were the holy grail
Back then holographic stickers were the holy grail of all stickers!

barbie stickers
I always loved this layered Barbie sticker…ooh oh-so risque!

random stickers
I loved the neon South of the Border one! I guess some things never change! How cool is that Gadzooka and the Superman stickers too?

To see a couple more photos of my sticker collection, click here.

Until next time Swellions!


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    Your sticker books look exactly like mine! I’ll get mine out and that some photos for you to see because I’m serious… I thought you had mine when I first looked at these photos!

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    Kids would just go CRAZY for these! I’m working on a “handmade” kit for my niece right now and these will be a nice little add-in. Thanks for sharing!

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    I had/have those scratch-n-sniff ones. I had a book with a bunch of stickers in it too and still have my massive Lisa Frank sticker collection from late elementary school.

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    These are awesome.

    I loved stickers…but I had this really powerful preservation approach to all my art stuff. I wouldn’t use the stickers, cause I thought I’d regret it when I wanted to use it later. I wouldn’t use my crayons beyond the paper, because I was afraid I’d infinitely be without crayons. …and don’t even get me started on markers. They were only used for tracing.



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    love it times 100!!!! i did something similar in one of my crafty diva books (yours look way better though!!!). i used sheets of white price stickers and labels and decorated them, but i like your idea better of the full-on sheet, more options that way!!! those are soooo CUTE!!!

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    Cathie: I’m betting you had a lot of cool ones in your collection!

    Retta: That’s so cool. Please take some photos for Flickr. I’d like to see.

    Margot: You are so sweet. Back atcha!

    Joanne: You should totally make an afternoon project of this. Will keep them occupied for a little while atleast!

    Idyll: I’m so jealous. I loved Lisa frank so much. I wanted all the stickers, pencils, and folders as a kid, but never ended up getting them. That’s when Lisa Frank was a little less aquireable. (sp?)

    Chris: I can’t believe you were that particular. Do you kinda wish you had let yourself be a little more free?

    Kathy: Aw thanks! I think I remember something like that in that book. Yeah, I had that piece of sticker paper with a big whole in it laying around thinking I didn’t want to throw it out cause I could make something out of it! I’m glad I put it to good use! You are so sweet 🙂

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    Oh Memory Lane!!! I had some of those too…and just the other day I was thinking about these stickers they gave you in school and they were called “Mr. Ick”–parents were to put them on bottles of cleaning solvents in places under the sink, etc…did you have those or was that an Indiana thing?

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    WOW! Thanks for posting this..It really takes me back!!

    I loved stickers and buttons lol

    I loved the wackypackages stickers and the garbage pail kids cards/stickers lol

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    Creating a custom sticker is one of the activities that I and my kids really enjoy doing. Anyway, you have a pretty huge collection of stickers there. It’s cool that you still have those stickers until now. Thanks for the idea to have an album for the stickers.

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