My first stop at a Fresno bead shop

new beads

Yeah, I meant for the title to rhyme.

Stopped by the bead store today and got a handful of cool new beads. This bead shop is in Clovis and is called Beads Etc. It is a cute little shop with lots of different kinds of beads. Lots of vintage and unique things for every beading personality. Personally, I’m a bold, funky, and retro gal. I thought the little monster beads were particularly funny. They reminded me of Russian stacking dolls. I really dig the big beads best! I met a nice lady named Aileen told me that they have several beading classes. As you probably know, I’m all about the simple project, but these bracelets and necklaces they had on display for their classes were really cool and it never hurts to learn a new technique. Also, since I’m new to the area, I would like to make some new friends and I’m hoping a creative course would be a great way to do so!

And very off subject, does anyone know about stumbleupon and how that brings you hits to your web site. I noticed a lot of hits to my trashy valentines was coming from it. I researched it a little and I get the concept of it, I just don’t know how it exactly is linking to my blog.

I’m pretty tired tonight, so this is a quickie post.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow Swellions!



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    Those monster beads are awesome! Good thinking on the craft class.

    Stumbleupon works by feeding people your site (stumbleupon has its own toolbar for your browser- there’s a button that says “stumble” and it’s what sends people to a site). “Stumblers” submit a site they like, and then people with like interests get fed the site. The person who gets fed the site then gives it a thumbs up if they like it, which feeds it to other people.

    Hope that helps.

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