Photos I found over the weekend

me and gram

While cleaning out some files, I came upon some old pictures that I scanned in or just forgot about. The pic above is me at age 2 with my grandmother at her house. It was my first overnight trip ever. My grandmother told me that my parents were so sure that they were going to get a call in the night to come get me, but I ended up having no problems at all. I wasn’t homesick! Oh, and back then I really looked cute in a hoodie. Not so much now.

tay and me

This is one of my favorite pictures. It’s of my niece and I in Gatlinburg. You can see in the background a bluegrass band playing. I love her little foot as she was spinning. Taylor was the cutest little girl ever!


And the above photo graphic was from a project I started but never finished. I was going to take an experience from each year of my life and illustrate it. This was obviously for my 6th year. I was trying to convey vivid moments in my life that either changed me or had a major impact on who I am. The picture of my grandmother and I was supposed to be a part of it too. It was called “2 Grandmother’s house I go”. With the advent of inexpensive photo books, this could be an interesting project that I will need to look into revisiting.

Anyway, thought I would share these photos that I have a personal attachment too! I’m excited, cause I have tomorrow off for President’s day! Yay!

Hope you have a great week Swellions!



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