Before I get into the photo above, I just wanted to tell you, my loyal blog readers, that since I am doing the 365 project (where I post a photo a day for an entire year), I plan on focusing more time on my photography over the next year. As a result, I will be posting more photographs obviously of myself, but this may mix up the way I do my blog. I will still be posting to my blog, but sometimes instead of brand new content, it will just be my 365 picture along with a brief descriptor. It’s not to say that I won’t be posting craft projects or an occasional topical or inspiration post, it’s just to say that my main focus isn’t coming up with various topics throughout the week to share with you. The 365 project will give you a little better glimpse into me and my daily tasks. I hope this will be a nice change for you and me both. Sometimes it is VERY hard for me to come up with an interesting topic or just post off the cuff. Many times, 11 o’clock comes and I still don’t have a post idea, so this alleviates a lot of stress on my end. I don’t know…this may actually even result in more posts, so we will see where it goes!

OK, back to the photo, I’m not particularly feeling festive today. The closest thing to it was accidentally wearing a drab blue/green shirt and eating a clover-shaped cookie.

This was taken at my new friend Patty’s house, who is much more festive than me (she wore a “Whose your Paddy” shirt…cute). It’s the closest thing to home I’ve experienced since I’ve been here. Her family calls me “Kentucky”, which I really don’t mind. Her husband and her have a daughter who is kinda becoming my surrogate neice since I’ve already started spoiling her with gifts. Hee hee.

We met (Patty and Sylvia and I) tonight to discuss the Etsy logo I designed for our Central California Etsy Chapter and what we plan on doing on Friday night at our official Etsy meeting. It was nice.

Please check out Patty’s “Knick Knack Patty Shak” shop here. I’m particularly fond of her latest creation…chalkboard glasses…so cool. Check out Sylvia’s “Chebang” shop here. I just love the artwork on her pendants (so quirky, vintage and cool) and her color choices in her feltwork!

If you haven’t gone to the cookie party site to vote for your fellow Swellion Donna Bush today, please hop over there and do so! I’m sorry if this is starting to sound like a PBS/NPR fund drive, I just really want her to win!

Until next time Swellions!



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