Dealing with Comcast Cable is one of the worst things I’ve dealt with since living here (believe me, KY friends, Insight is great in comparison).

The customer service is really bad. The first call I made to them I had a rude customer service agent and the technician wasn’t really all that nice either. A technician will usually help you set up your internet, but in my case he just handed me the box and said I had to do it.

If you don’t know me, I’m the type that usually doesn’t think to say what I needed to say until after the call/conversation. I have always been this way.

Then I had to call, cause the program they gave me wasn’t compatible with my computer and I couldn’t get the internet to work. I called and they did it over the phone, but I just wish I didn’t have to go to all the effort. The funny thing about that call was that when it was over on his end, I didn’t immediately hang up and I could here the guy singing, cussing, and being stupid with his co-workers over the phone. Honestly, I wasn’t offended (more amused), but if a less tolerant person had heard it, they would have been upset.

And now, for the past month, my TV has been in and out. A screen pops up telling me to wait a few moments for the channel to come up, but it never does. It started on my big TV, and I just watched the little TV (I figured I needed to clean my craft room anyway). Lately, the little TV has been glitchy as well. I called two weeks ago on a Monday and the lady told me that she couldn’t schedule a Saturday appointment til Wednesday and it was my responsibility to call back. Well, I forgot and then forgot last week again.

Last night; however, I had had enough. I went to watch Idol and all it was was a big glitchy screen with no sound on the small TV. I was pretty disappointed. Same thing tonight too! All I want to do is watch Lost, but the TV is still out of service. I did just call and the lady is going to call me back tomorrow to confirm a time, but just dealing with this service is a big pain and I don’t think there’s any way to get around it, other than getting a satellite dish. They have a big monopoly in this area.

Oh, the lady on the phone tonight was pretty nice, and I appreciate that, but she told me that if the technician deemed it so, I could have to pay a service fee for having him come out here! One month of ok service and another with basically non-existant service, and I’m going to possibly be charged for something I have no control over. I just added a 99ยข charge to my plan so that it covers such services (something that I just heard about for the first time tonight). All of it is pretty crappy and frustrating.

So, that’s the dealio. Are you still with me Swellions? I’m guessing these 365 blog/photo posts really may open a wider door into a world you never knew about me. Ha ha.

Until next time Swellions!


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