This is a borderline post/not post for me. I took this just after waking up. My hair is that greasy look a lot of people get, but in a way, I think it adds to the human element of my 365 posts and I’m guessing it gives you more insight into me, rather than trying to make everything “pretty”.

Took this one with the iphone. I went and got my good camera, but the pictures were no good. I think the iphone gives a more voyeuristic quality, which for this works.

I noticed my cat laying in the light and quickly shooed her off so I could get a picture. I’m so mean. I did get a couple of her, see? She is so pretty, but has a big belly.

Pixie is pretty and she has a big belly.

So, this pic boils down to the fact that I love to sleep. Especially on the weekends. I have a lot of pent up guilt about this, for a couple of reasons. The first being that I sleep in really late a lot of mornings and people chastise me for this in a jokey way (family members and friends). I used to (as a kid and young adult) get up really early and actually always wished I could sleep a couple more hours. I get up around 7:30 for work during the weekdays, so I can get up, but weekends are another story. I simply like the luxury of sleeping in. I also feel the guilt of knowing that people are out there doing stuff, making stuff happen while I sleep away. But, I also rationalize to myself that while they may be doing this, I’m plugging away at night while they are sleeping. I’m a night person, simply put. I can flourish at night with crafting, some cleaning…note, I said some, and with succeeding at finishing projects. I think I have a lot to show for that through my blogging and finished work, so I shouldn’t be hard on myself. And also, I don’t have kids, so it’s ok that I just take care of me and my needs. If I had kids, I know I would sacrifice sleeping in and things like that for them. I don’t think it’s a selfish habit, only unless it affects someone else.

I’m now up and at ’em for the day…going to make a couple phone calls, visit and craft with a friend, and get some starbucks with her (yum)!

Hope you have a good weekend Swellions!



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