Tonight I walked around my complex a good 30 minutes trying to find a suitable shot. I like where I’m living, but it’s pretty cookie cutter. Everything pretty much looks the same and it’s visually boring from a cool photo op standpoint.

I took a couple of other scenes and then as I walked back to process one of them, I noticed this illumminated patch of grass. It was lovely, and this is the result. I am a bit bummed about the location of my apartment in the complex overall. I don’t get streams of light coming through my windows like this, cause my building is blocked by another building. Well, maybe I do (I guess it would help if I actually opened the shades…har har, but it would only be in my bedroom at that). Not ugly in a boring brick wall kinda way, but just not in a pretty sun streaming through the windows kinda way. My last place had light like this and it was nice.

I have been trying to open the blinds just a smidge in my bedroom so that Pixie can look out. She had so much to look at at my last place…birds on a wire, a field below, nature at her paws. I once looked out that window and saw a possum. It was like I kinda lived in the country in a way. There was a stream back there as well. I think she liked it a lot. Now she atleast has people, children, and dogs to look at…a bit of diversity for her, huh?

This place is nice in a comparative scale. It is a lot better manicured, I have a carport, and overall it’s a much newer and nicer place. Also, it’s so accessible to everything. I’m centrally located within 5 minutes of a Target, Jo-ann store, Michaels, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Z Gallery, the mall, and a Cheesecake and Spaghetti factory. The funny thing is that I haven’t totally taken advantage of them. With time, I will. I just need to meet people to do fun stuff with!

Well, have to work on a logo design tonight for the Central California Etsy group. No TV, so might as well get it done. I have to present it at the meeting tomorrow.

Until next time Swellions!


P.S. Are you enjoying my 365 posts thus far? I’m finding it overall a lot easier on me and less stressful. I actually look forward to taking my daily pic. And, it’s easier for me to write about. It’s like writing one big long caption!

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