Vote for my friend for Best Cookie Party Hostess!!


One of my closest friends from my old work at DecoArt, Donna (who I affectionately refer to as Donna-Mom), is in an online cookie party contest and I’d really like to see her win!! That’s her above in an embroidered apron my mom made based on a design Donna did. If she wins, she gets a prize and some positive kudos, so I’d like to help her out.

All you have to do is go to this link, scroll down midway and click on the Donna Bush button and then hit submit. It would mean a lot if you could do this. It only takes like 5 seconds (I timed it! I really did!) If you have a chance and remember to, please check back daily and vote. You can vote once a day!

If you want to see her cookie party and the details, you can click on her name above the entry form (It says Donna Bush, Danville, KY). It shows pictures that I took at her party and a silly one of all of us (including me) who attended!

Sorry for the repost if you’ve already seen my posts on Facebook. And I’ll probably ask you again to vote at the end of the month!

Until next time Swellions.


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